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The Marquin Group is committed to providing exceptional value every day. We believe that it is our methodology and approach that ensures our success. This methodology begins by developing an overall client strategy and includes a number of steps.

Step 1 – Strategy Development

This step includes an in-depth discussion with the client to determine a number of key factors that are important to the client for the search:

  • Current and future organizational objectives

  • Optimal cultural preferences

  • Targeted capability and skills

Step 3 – Candidate Recruitment

After determining, with the client, their needs, The Marquin Group implements an exhaustive recruiting strategy, utilizing a number of internal and external resources including, but not limited to:

  • Database sourcing

  • Networking resources

  • Nesting strategy

  • Developing a short list of potential candidates

Step 2 – Candidate Profile Development

Based on the prior discussions with the client, a profile of the ideal candidate sought by the client is developed. This profile often specifically addresses:

  • Preferred cultural and behavioral attitudes

  • Desired tenure and experience

  • Career expectation

  • Preferred geography

  • Education

  • Compensation

Step 4 – Candidate Screening

As part of the screening process, each candidate on the short list is contacted. At this aspect of the process, The Marquin Group is able to:

  • Gauge and secure candidate interest

  • Sell the client’s company

  • Provide detailed information on the position

  • Discuss the candidate’s role and responsibility within the company

  • Highlight the growth opportunities within the client’s company

Step 5 – Interview Process

In the interview process, The Marquin Group has significant involvement with potential candidates. This stage in the process is particularly important for a successful conclusion to the search. In this step, The Marquin Group:

Final Step – The Hire

The Marquin Group focuses on securing the best candidate through last-step interviewing with lead candidates. The overall process concludes with the closing strategy, which includes salary offer assistance for the client, as well as the necessary steps to secure the hire.

  • Conducts a thorough preparation/debriefing

  • Performs in-depth reference checks of leading candidates

  • Closes the loop with declined candidates and builds goodwill

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