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Our full service cultural diversity training and consulting firm that has been operating nationally for years. We are best known for our Race Awareness Workshop which has been evaluated as the most effective race relations seminar in the country. We have partnered with a wide array of organizations and our client list includes some of the most recognizable brands in the world. We will help you maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges that diversity can create, by empowering your people with diversity and diversity leadership skill-sets to positively impact your Workforce, Workplace, Marketplace and Communities that you serve.

We have shifted our primary emphasis away from diversity management (policies and procedures), and are now focused heavily on DIVERSITY LEADERSHIP (inspiration, motivation and inclusion).  Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are essentially LEADERSHIP INITIATIVES.  Every enterprise must ask itself, “Have our leaders created an environment where every team member feels included and engaged?”  In the end, it won’t matter how good your management skills and policies are if your people don’t feel valued.  When people feel devalued, excluded or marginalized, they withhold their full potential, productivity, innovation and creativity.

Business Meeting


We wed the four most popular diversity training perspectives (altruistic, analytical, demographic, and business imperative) into one extremely effective program. We approach diversity from a “real – world” situational perspective; thus maximizing our effectiveness. We make diversity real. We bring it to life and assist each participant in deeply exploring their true concerns — and then resolving them.

Strategic Development 

We will utilize our “7-A Strategic Diversity Process” to custom design your diversity strategy. This is a holistic process to create an inclusive environment that:

  • Saves money

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves recruiting and retention

  • Helps stave off a talent shortage; and

  • Increases innovation and creativity

Program Design

Our program designs are based on scientifically proven theories and models. Custom designed programs are available. We will custom design programs to fit your needs.

We will partner with you and use our experience and expertise to:

  • Assist you in devising your long-term and short-term diversity objectives

  • Create, refine and communicate your diversity business case

  • Provide advice and counsel empowering you to reach your diversity objectives

  • Provide training to ensure the successful completion of your goals

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