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The following platforms and services are offered as value added services within our consulting practice. These platforms are customized services designed to support organizational preparation for change and to accelerate strategic implementation.

These services include:

  • Employee Relations Management: Manage and conduct investigations of misconduct, discrimination, harassment, citizen complaints, and union grievances resulting in the preparation and delivery of Reports of Investigation for government agencies. Our history of determining violations of workplace or Federal Laws/Policies leading to the recommendation of disciplinary actions has mitigated the financial and reputation risks of clients; while enabling the organization to conduct its stated mission free of employee malfeasance. TMG prepares the ROI Briefing Documents that contain the identification of evidence from all relevant sources while gathering sufficient information relevant to the issues contained within the complaint, this is done to determine the validity of the claims and any remedies as appropriate.

  • Capacity Building:  Human Resources Generalist support services within the functional areas of Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Retention Management, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Ombuds Services, Leadership Development, Risk Mitigation, Compliance Services, Performance Management and Team Building.

  • Change Management:  Aligning an organization’s culture with new ways of doing business by guiding, cultivating, and shepherding human capital to ensure that organizational change is received and implemented enthusiastically, rather than with distrust and fear.

  • Meeting Facilitation & Design:  Designing and facilitating meetings more purposely and systematically to reflect the basic human values of mutual understanding, full participation in decisions, and support for each other’s efforts and aspirations.

  • Project Management:  Managing the project from the beginning to end with a number of techniques such as project planning, earned value, risk management, scheduling, and process improvement.


We populate our practice with professionals of diverse experiences that allow us to effectively assist our clients to resolve issues in a dynamic and fast paced working environment.  Our consulting teams bring outstanding character, sharp analytical minds, and the ability to work effectively with people at all levels within your organization.  The success of our business is built on the trust and confidence we earn from our clients and partners.  Our credibility has come from adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through honorable conduct.

We utilize an engagement model that uses proprietary processes, tools and systems in the areas of:

  • Innovative Organizational Processes and Design

  • Systems Thinking Frameworks

  • Human Resources Capability Models

  • Human Resources Tools that Provide Results Oriented Outcomes

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